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GTA Vice City - Back To The Future Hill Valley 0.2d (2008)

Name: GTA vice city - Back To the future hill valley 0.2d (2008)
Developer: Rockstar games
Genres: Action
Language: only English
Year: 2008
Size: 1,04 Gb
Cole into parts: 4/12/4
It is flooded to: Letitbit/Rapidshare/depositfiles
On the game: Back to the future: Hill valley - this is global modification for the old grand theft auto: Vice city, which will allow the worshippers trilogy “back in the future” to anew survive the most dear moments all three films. Creators mode originally decided strongly not to depart from the original topical line and attempted to maximally reliably transfer the universe back to the future into the game.

Platform: PC
Minimum requirements: CPU 1 GHz, 256 Mb, 64 Mb Video
Recommended requirements: CPU 1,5 GHz, 512 Mb, 128 Mb Video
Activation[reg] the code: It is not required

Thus, the basic special features back to the future: Hill valley:

- five temporary locations for the town hill valley (1885, 1955, 1985, alternative 1985 and 2015)
- missions from the films are such as the lightning stroke, pursuit from [liviytsev] and others
- transportation means, which correspond to the different times
- the famous machine the time deLorean
- on the roof estate stands the train the time
- the corresponding to time speed the automobiles
- different models the pedestrians
- the renovated drawing and the effects
- flight conditions for automobiles and trains the future
- the servicing stations
- different radio stations
- the recreation different moments from the films
- garage with the working calendar.

Installation: it is simple to the disgrace, you unpack archive into any directory and you replace gta-vc.exe

Basic commands in the game:
NUM4 - the transformation deLorian and train into those flying, and K.I.T.T is converted in… try themselves you learn… will be for you small secret!)

DeLorian (similar to the train control (Time train)
Ctrl+CapsLock - start “temporary outline” for the journey in the time. For the selection the date designation, use pointers right-left, while for changing the value harvest Ctrl
Tab+Shift - administration deLorian with the aid the panel (as in the film)
Space - acceleration in air
Note: to fly it is possible in the machine time only 2 parts (BTTF2 DELORIAN)

Tab+CapsLock - call K.I.T.T.
CapsLock - replacement weapon (laser or signal pistol in [bogazhnike])
Ctrl - fire
NUM9+Space - ejection (very amusingly)
Ctrl+[StrelkaVverkh] - sound the scanner
Ctrl+Tab - auto-cruise (autopilot), K.I.T.T follow you on everywhere
NUM6, NUM9 - super- speed (it develops the high speed, with which it is heavy to be held on the road, to use only according to the designation)

Beginning the game: To [berete] any deLorian, you will go to the garage (sun/flower on the radar), you drop in it, you select by the pointer BTTF1 DELORIAN, then Ctrl or LeftMouse (left button mouse), you eat after plutonium (mark radiation on the radar - it dump), you take plutonium after arising to the mark, then you approach from behind the automobile, his character fills, you sit down yourselves into the machine, you drive away on the large space to 88 m/h, driving away from [Liviytsev], you are moved in the time, again eat into that garage and transform machine under BTTF2 DELORIAN, now machine can be charged from the garbage (conditionally), to [zhmete] NUM4 on digital [klave] you fly, Space (gap) - the acceleration in [vozdekhe]. So it is possible to alter DeLorian in BTTF3 DELORIAN and BTTF4 DELORIAN (different versions machine from the film).

Modes it is independent and does not require the predetermined original game!

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